Mission Statement

Roar Through Art CIC is a unique community project to engage young people and women who have experienced some level of trauma, including adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), domestic abuse, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse (CSA), verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse. We use combined art – expressive writing, poetry, dance, music, and drama – to a community of people whose mental fitness is transformed through expressing emotions effectively and artistically, creating and promoting an environment of healed hearts through art.

Active in our aims through:
  • Expressive Art coaching to young people, women, and to those who find it difficult to put into words how they are feeling
  • Memoir Travelogue & Storytelling
  • Stage performances
  • Spoken word Literary-Festival
  • Coaching Programme using NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming )
  • Positive Cognitive reframing
  • Coaching Programme using Time-Line Therapy (TLT)
  • Using the powerful TLT emotional release technique to help eliminate negative emotions, and limiting beliefs from the past, and replacing them with empowering thoughts and beliefs in the future.
  • Expression through art is a powerful way to express oneself in ways that nothing else can, and to connect with others, uniting communities, driving social change, and redirecting many lives to live a life of purpose.

Digital Illustration

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Artistry Expressive Emotions on Canvas

Musical Performance

Our Mission

In the transformative realm of artistry, Toyin and her dedicated team are on a mission to empower and elevate individuals - women, men, and young adults—toward a state of inner tranquillity. We are also determined to share our stories with the related practitioners so that there is a better understanding of trauma and the indelible wound it creates that sits at the heart of our souls until it is healed.

Our Vision

To live in a world where Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and other forms of child maltreatment become a very distant memory of the past.

Self-Future Story project

A baseline assessment is essential for us to understand the initial state and needs of
our clients who are enrolling in the Self-Future Story project.

Who We Serve

Young Creatives

Women Creatives

Our Programmes

Programme A1

Emotional Mind Management (For identified trauma in Young & Women creatives)


  • A. Re-Engineering the Mind
  • B. Shifting your Mind-set
  • C. Inner wounds to Inner Wisdom
  • Exciting Feature

Programme A2

Emotional Mind Management (For none trauma -identified Young & Women creatives)


  • A. Self-Expression
  • B. Creative You
  • C. Self-Future Story Prep
  • D. Taking it to the Stage Prep

Programme B

Roar Load


  • A. Walking workshops expressive writing in the woods.
  • B. Workshop expressing drawing
  • C. Workshops